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    For a detailed guide to NUVision please see the NUVision User Guide

    Uploading Videos:

    All staff have access to NUVision and can upload files to the "All Staff" category, and to appropriate School/Institute categories.

    If, after logging in, you can't view your school or institute's videos please contact the IT ServiceDesk (

    Login using your CampusID and password then click on Upload


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  • If the video is used for teaching please include the module name in the description.


















  • The email address is used to notify you when the video is ready to view.










    Permitted File Types

    The Media Library will accept videos in the following format:

    .mov, .avi,.wmv, .flv, .mpg, .mp4, .mp3, .wav, .wma.

    Once the whole file has been uploaded the system will extract thumbnails from the video.

    Please wait for the thumbnails to appear on the page - a "Loading Thumbnails" icon will appear in the interim.

    You have the option of uploading your own thumbnails. These must be .jpg files of a specific size (320W X 204H).

    You will receive an e-mail giving you the embed code for the video. At this point the video will also be available to view from My Media on the upload side. It will also be available to view through the Library.

    Encoding Delays

    Depending on the queue of videos that are waiting to be processed there may be a delay in receiving notification that your video has encoded. During this time it will appear in list of content but the encoding status will be shown as False. Please allow up to 24 hours for your file to be processed.

    Unsuccessful Uploads:

    On rare occasions files will not be encoded by the system and you will be notified by email.

    Encoding failures are often the related to the audio and video codecs contained in your video file. If you have software on your PC to enable you to save the video in a different format you may like to try resubmitting it.

    We are aware that the following types of file will fail to encode:











  • Videos (including screen captures) that have been recorded without a soundtrack










    For advice on persistent errors please contact, forwarding a copy of the failure email along with any details of how the video was produced.

    Stretched Videos /Aspect Ratios

    Anamorphic formats are not handled well by NUVision. The anamorphic is removed without compensation and as a result encoded files will appear to be stretched vertically

    A workaround for this is to save the video without anamorphic during production, or to use 3rd party application such as HandBrake to save a copy with the anamorphic removed.

    Changing your video's title and description

    If you wish to make changes to media that you have already uploaded, it can be done by clicking on My Account then on My Content.

    This will list all the media that you have uploaded, and you will be able to make changes such as change the title or modify the description, add tags or even skip past the first page and change the thumbnail that the video uses.

    If you would prefer to use a thumbnail other than the ones shown, you can select Custom and then chose a different thumbnail if you have created one that you want to use.

    Mobile devices

    The embedded player supports flash and HTML5 and content can therefore be viewed from a range of mobile devices. The Library itself ( has a mobile friendly form)

    Publishing Videos

    When your video is ready to be viewed you will receive an email which gives details of how to publish it.

    You can embed content in Blackboard using the NUVision Mashup:

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    ... or use the system generated embed code with content management systems or websites:

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    Supported Codecs

    Video Uploads











  • DiVX (3.11, 5, 6+), Indeo Codecs, Intel Indeo / iTU, MS MP4, XViD, Techsmith Screen, VP6, X264, MJPEG
  • MP4




















  • DiVX, XViD, 3ViX, H.264, MPEG 4 Part 2, MOV, H.263, H.264, MPEG 4 Part 2, Sorenson (including Animation)









    NB: Apple LossLess audio is unsupported in all of the above
































  • Windows Media v7+, Windows Media Screen, Windows Media Uncompressed Windows Media Audio v7+
    *Windows Media with DRM is unsupported









    Audio Uploads










  • WAV, MP3,WMA